How to Automatically Resume Applications When Logging in on Windows 10

It can be annoying when we login again on the computer and not get the same apps that we had worked on it earlier. We have to restart all the applications from the beginning. We can avoid this if we do little things in the windows setting, so we will not have to open the app again when we back to our desk.

Make Windows 10 Resume Apps After Logging In

1.To get this, you will need to go to setting, click start menu, search for the setting and you will see the small icon of setting.

2.After opening the setting menu, click on the Account

3.When the Account Menu opens, then go to the Sign-In Option.

4.Next, click on Sign-In Optin and scroll down and look for Restart app while scrolling you see the Restart App section saying like this “Automatically save my restartable apps when I sign out and restart them after I sign in.” Turn the switch to the On position”

That’s all 4 steps you did it now. Next time when you log in on the computer you will get all the app auto-opening from where you had left work. Please make sure you have not closed any app while shutting down the computer, if you do like this you will not able to take advantage of this feature.

Note: This feature works with most modern apps like OfficeMicrosoft Edge, and other apps you’ve downloaded from the Microsoft Store. These are UWP apps where the developer has added the feature to resume. It might not work with legacy Win32 desktop apps like Photoshop, for example. If you want legacy apps to launch, add them to the startup list if you removed them.

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