How to find out last shutdown time and date in windows

In this article, we are going to cover the easiest and quick way to find out the last shutdown time and date in windows. When you shut down a computer Event ID 1074 is written to the event log which denotes a clean shutdown.

I have listed and explained the easiest way to find out the computer shutdown time, date, and which user shutdown/restart the computer. This method applies to all versions of windows including windows servers also.

First Method( Event Viewer)

To find the computer’s last shutdowns detail through the event viewer, you will need to check the event viewer with the event id 1074.

1.Run the command “eventvwr.msc” to open the event viewer.

2. Expand the windows log and click on the system.

3.You may sort the log date by descending order.

4. Go to Filter current log, you can see it on the right pane. 

5.Now filter the event id with 1074 and click on OK

6.You are done here, please see the sample.

Second Method(Find last shutdown time using Command-line)

To see the most recent shutdowns event i.e. 1074. please run the following command

wevtutil qe system “/q:*[System [(EventID=1074)]]” /rd:true /f:text /c:1

If you want to see only see the date event, not other details, run this command

wevtutil qe system “/q:*[System [(EventID=1074)]]” /rd:true /f:text /c:1 | findstr /i “date

Note:- If you have any issues regarding this article, please do comment and share your issues with us.

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