99 computer hardware/software full form

1.     EEPROM– Electronic Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

2.     SIMM- Small Inline Memory Module

3.     SIM-Subscriber Index Module

4.     ATA– Advance Technology Attachment

5.     LCD– Liquid Crystal Display

6.     PSU– Power Supply Unit

7.     EIST– Enhanced Intel Speed Technology

8.     POST– Power On Self Test

9.     AGP– Accelerated Graphic Port

10. VRM– Voltage Regulator Module

11. XVGA– Extended Video Graphic Array

12. ATX– Advance Technology Extended

13. UDMA-Ultra Direct Memory Access

14. SPP– Standard  Parallel Port

15. SSD– Solid State Drive

16. ICH – Input Control Hub

17. PGA – Pin Grid Array

18. PCI – Peripheral Component Interconnect

19. IDE– Integrated Driver Electronics

20. LED– Light Emitting Diode

21. SMPS– Switched Mode Power Supply

22. SCSI– Small Computer System Interface

23. EPP– Extensible Provisioning Protocol

24.SODIMM– Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module

25. LGA– Land Grid Array

26. DRAM– Dynamic Random Access Memory

27. FSB– Front Side Bus

28. ZIF– Zero Insertion Force

29.SRAM  Synchronous RAM

30. DIMM– Dual Inline Memory Module

31.SATA– Serial Advance Technology Attachment

32. TFT– Thin Film Transistor

33. CRT– Cathode Ray Tube

34.IEEE– Institute of Electronic and Electronics Engineer

35.DMP– Dot Matrix Printer

36.SDRAM– Synchronous Dynamic RAM

37. CD– Compact Disk

38.RIMM– Rambus Inline Memory Module

39. USB– Universal Serial Bus

40. PATA– Parallel Advance Technology Attachment

41. IRQ– Interrupt Request

42.ADC– Additional Domain Controller

43.HDMI– High Definition Multimedia Interface

44.DMI– Desktop Management Interface

45. CMOS– Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

46. PCISIG– Peripheral Component Interconnected Special Interest Group

47.VGA– Video Graphic Array/Adapter

48.ATAPI– Advance Technology Attachment Packet Interface

49. MIDI– Musical Instrument Digital Interface

50. ALU-Arithmetical Logical Unit

51.EDB– Execute Disable Bit

52. BIOS– Basic Input Output System

53.DDR- Double Data Rate

54.SVGA- Super Video Graphic Array

55.AT– Advance Technology

56.ANSI– American National Standard Institute

57.UEFI– Unified Extensible Firmware Interface

58.GPI- Guide Partition

59.IOH- Input Output Hub

60. DDWP- Division of Disability And Working Program

61.AMR- Audio Modem Riser

62. HT- High Technology

63.DVI– Digital Visual Interface

64.CNR– Communication and Networking Riser

65.LIF– Low Insertion Force

66.AMD– Advance Micro Device

67.BSB- Back Side Bus

68.ECP– Encryption Control Protocol

69.PDA– Personal Digital Assistance

70.DHCP– Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

71.DNS- Domain Name Service

72.NOS- Network Operating System

73.SOS- Simple Operating System

74.RAS– Remote Access Server

75.VPN– Virtual Private Number

76.DC- Domain Controller

77.SMTP– Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

78.CLI- Command Line Interface

79.GUI– Graphical User Interface

80.ISP– Internet Service Provider

81.NGFF– Next Generation Form Factor

82.TCP – Transmission Control Protocol

83.SOHO– Small Office /Home Office

84.API-Application Program Interface

85.LVM- Logical Volume Manage

86.NTFS– Network Technology File System

87.LAN- Local Area Network

88.FTP- File Transfer Protocol

89.ICS- Internet Connection Sharing

90.ISO-International Standards Organization

91.EIO– Electronic Industries Association

92.FCS-Federation of Communication Services

93.QOS- Quality of Services

94.FHHS– Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum

95.GPS– Global Positioning System

96.MAN-Metropolitan Area Network

97.WAN– Wide Area Network

98.NAT– Network Address Translation

99.MAU- Media Access Unit

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